PhD Candidate in English, Composition and Rhetoric, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

My research is concerned with intersections of gender and digital rhetoric, and my work has been published in Feminist Media Studies.  I am Assistant Director of the English 100 program at UW-Madison and a Graduate Fellow for the Sweetland Digital Rhetoric Collaborative.


My central goal is to teach for the demands of 21st century literacies, including procedurality, multimodality, and the rise of writing.


I have taught courses in composition and literature courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Alabama.

English 790: Proseminar in the Teaching of Writing
English 201: Intermediate Composition
English 142: Mystery and Crime Fiction (online)
English 100: Introduction to College Composition
English 102: English Composition II
English 101: English Composition I

Teaching Assistant
English 142: Mystery and Crime Fiction
English 177: Stories, Maps, Media
English 177: Literature and Videogames
English 201: Survey of British Literature II